Wrought iron fence - beauty, sturdy and security fencing solution

KenJoy exports a range of wrought iron fences including: wrought iron railings, wrought iron gates, wrought iron fence panels, wrought iron parts , wrought iron picket fences, wrought iron ornamental fences, iron safety fencing, swimming pool safety fencing, wrought iron palisade fencing, temporary fencing and other metal fences. Our iron fence panels, post, gates and railings are pre-galvanized. Galvanization is to prevent rust and degradation.

What is the benefit of using wrought iron over other styles of fence?
The main benefit of wrought iron is beauty, sturdy and security. Very simple design and parts like spears and leafs flowers are all available. Our panels and gates are fully welded. Pickets and finials cannot be removed with a screwdriver. And unlike vinyl and wood, they cannot be easily broken through. If you weld the panels to the posts instead of screwing them in, you will not find a more secure fence.

Our wrought iron gates and fences is widely used in colleges, corporations, embassies, parks, government buildings and private residences. For example, black wrought iron fencing 4' tall with spacing not to allow animals in or out, it can be used for your garden fence or pool fencing. It is high enough to keep deer out of your garden.

Why choose us
All products are produced within our own manufacturing facility, where quality is controlled from start to finish. We encourage you to contact us for expert consultation at any step of the process, from ordering to installation.

We make custom fences and gates
The most popular styles and sizes of our wrought iron fences and gates are in stock, moreover we can accommodate custom designs, different colors, specific sizes fencing and gates. If you don't find the size you want, you can email us to sales@wroughtiron-fence.com and start forging your wrought iron fencing today.

  • Wrought iron fencing is hot-dip zinc and black powder coating. Wrought iron fences make an excellent choice where security is a concern.

  • Wrought iron railings are unique and durable, make the perfect beauty and security solution to your landscape or pool projects.

  • Wrought iron gate is a chief type of ornamental iron fences. A solution to a long time need for a premium quality but cost effective fence panel system.

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