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Wrought Iron Palisade Fence for protective and decorative fencing

Wrought iron palisade fence has the features of beautiful appearance and various colors, high strength and good rigidity. It is popular used as protective and decorative fencing in residential and industry, city government and garden roads.

Wrought iron palisade fence is available in a range of  finishes: hot-dipped galvanized, spraying plastic, and PVC coated.

Palisade fences include D shape cross section and W shape cross section. Our D type palisade fencing is available in 3.0mm - 4mm thickness, height 1.2m - 3.5m, and width 2m - 2.6m. W type palisade fencing is 2mm - 3mm in thickness, height 1.5m - 3m, and width 1.9m - 2.5m. W section iron palisade fence is stronger and more durable than D section fence.

Wrought Iron Palisade Fence in blue, green, yellow and red colors

Wrought Iron Palisade Fence post in white, black, blue, grey and green

PVC coated wrought iron palisade fence in colors wrought iron palisade fence post

PVC Wrought Iron Palisade Fencing on green color with W section

Galvanized Wrought Iron Palisade Fence

PVC wrought iron palisade fencing with W section Galvanized wrought iron palisade fence

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